Petition Drive Closeout Steps

Petition Drive Closeout Steps

Good Morning, Friends and Neighbors –

We have two weeks until we closeout the petition drive on Friday, May 18, 2018.

Here are the two steps we will take:

  1. Collect Forms & Signs. We ask that you return all forms and signs signed out by Jim Brooks contact info: (254-718-0194) or ( so we can account for them. If you established a partnership with a business, please thank them for their support and collect the signs, pens and folders from each location.

  2. Close out Report. Although we do not project that we reached our goal of 20,000 signatures, we will not have an exact count until all forms have been turned in. Jim and I will prepare a close out report with a summary of signatures, donations, expenditures and lessons learned for the petition drive.

Future Efforts. As we close out the drive, our focus should not be on numbers, but on the involvement of our community to work together toward a worthy goal of ending the tyrannical practice of forced annexation. In a few short months, several amazing things happened.

First, the teamwork and collaboration on a common goal to protect property rights, underscored the fact that large number of Bell County residents do not want to see the practice of forced annexation continue in our county.

Second, the petition drive brought awareness to the negative effects of municipal annexation and the importance of holding government officials responsible for growing communities in an equitable and transparent manner.

Third, we now understand that we can change viewpoints, partner with fellow counties and possibly change the municipal annexation law at the state level. This petition drive was initiated by a group of neighbors who were faced with annexation by the City of Belton. We had a steep discovery learning curve and the desire to effect positive change. Although we expect to fall short of the goal of 20,000 signatures, we encourage continued engagement with City, County and State elected officials to protect individual property rights.

On a personal note, it has been my honor to lead the 2018 petition drive. I will be stepping down from the role of Chairperson for Empower Bell County Texans on May 31, 2018. If there is a desire to conduct another petition drive, it will need to be under a renewed non-profit or other structure. I am grateful for the experience I have had and friendships developed with my neighbors to work together to make Bell County the place we all are proud to call home.

Amy Cook

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