A Cause Worth Fighting For?

We have 35 days until we end the 2018 petition drive.  

As Thomas Jefferson said ‘Anything worth having is worth fighting for!” 

We are fighting for individual property rights and a community where the rights and voices of voters can be heard above the drum beat from cities trying to compete with each other with strategic growth plans.  No matter how beautifully published these future growth plans are – they cannot match the vibrance of the Bell County map showing our partner businesses and letter writing campaign outreach.  

It is not too late to join the group members who are handwriting envelopes to Bell County voters to encourage them to sign the petition.   Nor is it too late to invest time in circulating petition forms, writing your own letters (or using the attached model letter), or donating stamps or envelopes.    

Our estimated signature count is more than 1/4 of the goal, but we will not know the actual count until the end of May.   If you believe it is worth continuing the fight so that not one more Bell County resident is forced to pay higher taxes, move out of their home or sign a development agreement to protect their home because of a forced annexation action — there is still time to make a difference.    A handful of group members may not meet the goal, but 25 letters written by 500 group members can reach 12,500 voters in a short few weeks. 

Ask yourself:  Is the freedom to live in a county without a tyrannical annexation law, a cause worth fighting for?  If the answer is yes, get out your pen, paper, some envelopes and stamps and join the effort today.   Letters may be written in your own words, but we ask you to provide the webpage information and link to the map that shows where voters can sign.   We have had success with telling voters we write where the place nearest their neighborhood that has a petition partner business.

Instructions as well as a sample letter you can print to mail and a letter format are located on our page labeled: Get Involved!

Thanks to all who have invested time and resources in this effort — every minute and every dollar helps to change history in Bell County, Texas.

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